Leverage World Class Analysis And Insights At No Upfront Cost

More Than $10+Million Saved And Growing



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  • Unbiased Insights
  • No Need to Change Your Services Or Vendors
  • We Cover All Telecom
    Products and Services
  • We Do All The Work
  • No Up Front Fees
  • Yes, It’s that easy to work with us

Why Work With Costek?


We Find Savings Our Competition Miss

We have designed pricing models, pricing strategies and service innovation for many leading carriers. This depth of our experience has enabled us to achieve where our competition failed.

Implementation Ownership

We don’t just promise, we deliver. We stand by our analysis and deployment to ensure you receive the promised savings. 

Enterprise Grade Service

We cover all telecom services, not just mobile offerings like many of our competition. We provide one-off audit or long-term support for any size organization. 

Beyond Negotiation

We bring our world-class analytics and data-driven approach to everything we do. This enables us to drive much deeper savings.  

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Beyond Savings

Our end goal is to not only create savings, but also create simplification, as well as a better user experience and eliminate any hidden service risks.

Unbiased Insight

We are vendor agnostic and we don’t arbitrarily recommend changing vendors. We work with your current vendor(s) or vendor(s) of your choice.