David Sculthorpe, CEO, Heart and Stroke Foundation
The Heart and Stroke Foundation, is a volunteer-based charity that leads in eliminating heart disease and stroke, reducing their impact through preventing disease, saving lives and promoting recovery. Every dollar counts; we are very careful stewards of our donors’ gifts.  By working with Gurmit Gill at Costek, we were able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in telecommunications costs over the next five years. Gurmit’s listening skills and strategic approach helped him to understand our organization and our unique needs after amalgamating 10 organizations into one national Foundation. His in-depth knowledge of the telecommunications industry ensured that we were asking all the right questions of potential vendor partners, and negotiating effectively. We are extremely pleased with the results. Costek’s help in managing our telecommunications bid will allow the Foundation to devote significant additional dollars to tangibly improve the lives of every Canadian family, every day. I would recommend Costek to any business looking to optimize its telecommunications costs.

Amer Khan, Director-Networks and Security, Indigo Books and Music
My name is Amer Khan and I am the Director of Networks & IT Security at Indigo Books and Music. 
At Indigo, we're passionate about being the best. Dedicated to telling stories and creating experiences, Indigo continues to enrich the lives of its customers with books, eBooks specialty toys, gifts and lifestyle enhancing products that offer quality, beauty and timeless design at its 247 stores nationally and online at indigo.ca. books remain at the core of Indigo's business as Canada's largest purveyor of ideas and inspiration.
We have one of the brightest IT team and we strive for excellence in anything we do. In 2013 we decided to optimize our Telecom expenditure and that’s when we engaged the team at Costek. We hired Costek with the aim to bring the best tools, and expertise to our disposal so that we could streamline our telecom spend while our internal team continued to focus on other key priorities. They not only did a fantastic job, but did so with minimal involvement from our side. 
Costek was able to significantly reduce our monthly spend, and they also helped simplify the pricing structure for ongoing easy management. We learned a lot from their engagement and we are extremely pleased and thrilled with the  excellent work they have done for us. They bring high level of expertise to the table and were easy to work with and as a result have earned a lot of our respect. 
We wish them all the best and would highly recommend them to any business who are conscious about their spending bottom line of their organization.

Gino Saccone, Controller, St. Michael's College School
My name is Gino Saccone and I am the controller at St. Michael's College School, Toronto.
We offer one of the finest education program with a mission to teach Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge. We maintain a leading edge telecom infrastructure for our faculty and students. When we came across Costek and their value proposition to lower our telecom costs by 30% to 50%, it was hard to believe. However, there was nothing to lose, as their model works on a gain share basis with a no savings no fee policy. Though skeptic, we decided to engage them to explore the possibility. After their analysis, they not only helped us save a significant amount on our telecom spend , but also increased the value of our services. They did so with a minimal involvement from our side. 
We are extremely pleased with what Costek has done for us and we would highly recommend their services. They are very professional, responsive and great to work with.

Shawn Stone, CEO, IEC Canada
Hi, I am Shawn Stone, CEO of International Electronic Components. We are a leading supplier of printed circuit board components and chemicals. We know a lot about our industry and have built our company into a global leader. We realized that we didn't know a lot about how to manage our telecommunications costs. That's why we engaged Costek. They are experts in managing telecommunications expenses. They went through our bills, optimized our price plans and technology and saved us over 45% on our wireless, internet and landline phone costs. It has been a pleasure working with them.

Trisah Welch, Founder, GCL solutions
Hi, my name is Trisha Welch, I lead GCL solutions, a leading player in providing a wide range of products and services for the electronics and consumer market. Our wireless telecom spending was unpredictable and extremely expensive. We were looking for someone who can help us right size our wireless consumption. We came across Costek Inc. Costek reduced our billing by 30%. Engagement with Costek was completely hassle free and came at no risk to us as we only paid them a portion of our savings.
Costek has done a great job for us and I would highly recommend them.

Kamal Jolly, Lawyer, RZCD Law Firm
Hi, my name is Kamal Jolly, I am a lawyer at RZCD Law firm in Mississauga. We knew that we were significantly overpaying on our telecom bills, but we didn’t know what to do about it. Costek reviewed and analyzed our telecom bills and helped us streamline our spending. We saved approximately 40% on our total monthly expenses.
Costek provides a no hassle risk free service. They were very professional and managed the entire project with only minimal involvement from us.
We are extremely happy and satisfied with the services we received from Costek and would highly recommend them to every business owner. Your savings could be substantial!