According to Gartner Inc., “…the majority of companies are not adequately managing their mobile users or services (despite their best effort). They need to look more closely at their key user segments and requirements in order to match those needs with the right services and optimize their spending”.

Even the most carefully negotiated and managed services require regular reviews. 

Costek enables its clients to perform such reviews, effortlessly and easily, at anytime of their service lifecycle. When you put us to work, we examine everything. We utilize leading edge analytics to determine where you stand with your existing provider and how their offerings can be better tailored to your needs.  We provide you with a full, independent assessment of your options with a focus on cost saving & increasing service efficiency. Our clients typically save 30-50% of their telecom spend.

Best of all, Costek does all the work. There is no upfront fee and you only pay from the savings realized, hence no need for incremental budget. 

Whether you need a one-time review or ongoing support we are here to help. We support small businesses audits all the way through to multi-million dollar sourcing projects. 


Augment Internal Expertise

We augment the expertise in your procurement, finance and IT groups to find savings and efficiencies they may not have the time or tools to look for. 

Aggressive savings model

Our savings range from 30%-50%. Converting spend into organizational profits has earned recognition for many leaders, and it can for you too. 

Stay Focused

Get back to doing what you do best and let us do the time-consuming analysis of your billing statements. We have the tools and expertise to do this efficiently so your staff can focus on more strategic matters.

Peace of Mind

Our team knows the rapidly changing landscape of the telecom industry inside out, so having us on your side ensures complete peace of mind.