4 Ways Cloud Technology Saves You Time and Money

Cloud products are becoming essential to the mobile workplace. A study by IDG says that 49 per cent of small businesses are using clouds, while 66 per cent have plans to implement clouds within the next three years. Clouds make it easier for employees to share and store work with one another. Overall, Clouds are increasing workplace productivity. Aside from convenience, cloud services are also cost-effective.

1.    Universal accessibility

Cloud services can be accessed from any supporting device, which means important files can be retrieved from anywhere via cloud. This is helpful when there are multiple users. Using a cloud also reduces the number of devices needed to carry around. Having convenient access to your files from anywhere means you’ll only need to spend money on one mobile device.

2.    Increased employee efficiency

Clouds save time by eliminating back-and-forth methods such as e-mailing files. Files stored in clouds can be viewed and edited in real-time, which makes organization easier. According to a report by Vanson Bourne, companies that adopt cloud services see an 18.04 per cent increase in employee efficiency. The simplicity and user-friendliness of clouds may motivate employees to complete more tasks.

3.    Improved communication

When multiple employees are working on a project, having one central hub to share files and discuss ideas allows for better communication. This is helpful when it’s hard to schedule meetings where everyone needs to be physically present. When everyone is able to view the same file and communicate through the same cloud software, more things are accomplished, and less money is spent on extra transportation.

4.    All-in one software

Cloud programs aren’t strictly based in file sharing. They allow users to edit files, instant message, explore analytics, and more. Instead of using multiple programs, one do-it-all cloud saves time and money. Employees will only need to learn to use the one service, and it will be the only service that needs to be paid for.


While cloud technology is handy, it’s also important to cover your business risks, including security. Though most service providers leverage advanced security protocols, it still remains a subjective decision on how much risk is within tolerance for your business. One of the best ways to remain secure on cloud is to actively keep an eye on it, as explained by David Linthicum in a post on IDG InfoWorld. A heightened security risk comes with the increase in available cloud based applications, multiple data access points (different end terminals), and proliferation of geo-independent consumption (remote log in from anywhere).


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